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    It all started with a little baby

    About Me

    I'm a Cali girl, born and raised in the southern tip of Cali. I love to dance and act silly. I'm serious when I need to be, but I like to have fun and I love me some girl time... whether it's with my three daughters, my three sisters, my momma or my girlfriends. Heck, as a nurse, I even work with mostly women!!


    I love warm, high energy, positive people and I love to help others. I love meeting new people and making new friends, therefore, I love happy hours, coffee dates and mani-pedi/spa dates.


    One thing I did not care for was the changes to my body after having a baby... or two... or three.


    It's a difficult adjustment for many women. Society tells us that we should be back in our pre-pregnancy clothes in no time. But no one ever talks about how hard it is to care for a child, run a household AND take care of yourself. I secretly curse those moms who appear to have it all together and lose their pregnancy weight without even trying.


    Seriously, wtf?!


    Breastfeeding never helped my lose my pregnancy weight, but it didn't stop me from hoping that with each pregnancy I would miraculously start losing weight without trying. I guess I just have a slow metabolism. I always had to get up off my lazy, sleep-deprived ass and bust out a sweat session every day and really watch my portions in order to slowly lose the pregnancy weight.

    Flashback to 2012

    In 2012, I accomplished the daunting task of losing my pregnancy weight a second time. I used to be a gym rat back in my single days and one of my favorite things to do was attend a TurboKick kickboxing class. Now, as a new mom a second time around with two small kids, it became extremely difficult to get to the gym. I would either have to lug the both of them to the kids gym waaaay before the class started (since it was so popular) and pay extra to have them watch my kids or have the sitter come and watch the kids if my husband wasn't available.


    Umm yeah, not happening.


    I resorted to taking brisk walks with the kids in tow in a double stroller... but I just wasn't getting enough of a workout from it. I needed a higher calorie burn to create a calorie deficit dammit!


    That's when I discovered TurboFire, a kick-ass home workout DVD featuring dancy kickboxing moves. I loooooved it! It was the same format as the kickboxing classes I used to take at the gym. I loved it so much I started to wake up in the early morning before the sun came up, and most importantly, before the baby woke up, to get in my workouts. That made all the difference in the world!


    Before I knew it, I lost 30 pounds of jiggly, wiggly belly and thigh fat. I was super motivated and felt inspired to spread the love!


    That's when I signed up to become a coach!

    A Wake-Up Call in 2013

    I had been coaching on the side now for a little over a year when I became the cream filling in a three car pile-up on a busy morning commute... on the freeway.


    I thank God I was mostly okay and able to walk away from that accident and that my kids weren't in the car. I suffered some whiplash and back pain that kept me off from work for almost a month. Nothing some chiropractic adjustments and pain meds couldn't fix with time.


    But this accident shook me.


    I saw it coming. I came to a stop on the freeway and when I looked in my rearview, I already knew the car behind me wasn't going to stop in time. In that short amount of time, all of these thoughts rushed into my head. Time literally slowed down for me in slo-mo, just like in the movies.


    "What if I get hurt?

    What if I can't walk after this?

    What about my kids?

    How will I care for them?

    How will I work?

    What if I can't go back to work?"


    Something about this accident struck a nerve with me and really got me thinking about how short life is and how your life can change in an instant. I had back and neck pain that kept me not only from work, but also from simple chores like bathing my small children which required me to kneel and bend over a bathtub.


    I was slightly terrified when I finally got cleared to return to work. At the time, I was working as a critical care nurse, which involves turning and lifting heavy patients, pushing heavy beds and equipment and lots of bending over and reaching for things. All things that use my back and neck muscles!


    This really put things in perspective for me.


    I really needed to do something with this coaching opportunity. This side hustle needed to be my main gig, like yesterday! Here was my chance to CHANGE MY LIFE, and I wasn't taking full advantage of it. This was a way for me to create passive income and to become my own boss. This was a job that would strengthen my body, not stress it. This would allow me to spend more time with my kids while they're still small... on my own time. This would be my early retirement plan.

    Hello 2015

    Life got in the way after the car accident.


    I ended up needing both physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments, which took up a lot of my spare time. Time that would otherwise be devoted to growing my coaching business. At the end of my treatments, I discovered we were expecting baby number three!


    This last pregnancy was the most uncomfortable for me, as well as eventful. Aside from morning sickness and unbearable pelvic pain that lasted throughout most of my pregnancy, our eldest daughter started kindergarten, we moved to a bigger house and I changed departments at work!


    Flash forward to 2015 after all the dust has seemingly settled in my life and I realize I haven't made any progress in my early retirement plan. Time to take action, time to grow my team! I don't know about you, but I'm ready to change my life! I'm ready to make so much extra money from my side hustle that I don't NEED to work my full-time job anymore. I'm ready to pay off the rest of my student loans from college and maybe even my mortgage!! Let's do this!!!

    My Vision

    I'm on a mission to spread the love- physically and financially. I'm looking for other mommies who can relate to my story to join my team. If you're ready to change your body and change your life, then I'm looking for you!


    Does this describe you:

    • Have an interest in fitness or have a desire to get in shape?
    • Would you like to learn how to make money while getting in shape?
    • Do you love to help others?
    • Would you be interested in a career that allows you to be home more with the kids?
    • Are you a go-getter?
    • Would you like to earn extra income?
    • Are you positive and driven to change your life for the better?
    • Do you dream of having your own business?
    • Do you feel like you were meant to do something more meaningful with your life?

    If this sounds like you, we need to connect! Join a team of other mommies just like us who are learning that the life we dream of can become a reality. This is real life! Connect with other strong, motivated women who share my vision of helping other mommies reach their fitness goals and make money while doing it!

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    You play on social media anyway, why not get paid to do it? As a coach, you get to connect with people and show them a new way of life, all from the comfort of your cozy couch, if you so desire.

    Do you dream of more freedom?

    What is your definition of freedom?

    Financial freedom means vacations "just because", early retirement or unlimited trips to Disneyland to some.


    It could also mean freedom from the daily 9-5 grind, freedom from a long commute or the ability to be there for your kids when duty calls.


    This is your ticket to freedom. This is your chance to see for yourself the kind of freedom that awaits you. You get to decide on your own terms. But, you may never find out if you don't take a leap of faith!

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